Avian Calm™

$ 24.95

Avian Calm™ is the number one rated, non-sedating supplement for birds. Formulated with L-theanine, a compound found in green tea leaves. Used for birds who scream excessively, exhibit nervous or aggressive behavior, feather mutilation, travel, and under other general stress.

Ingredients: Corn maltodextrin, L-theanine

Directions: Add to food daily
<100 grams:        1/4 scoop
100-250 grams:   1/2 scoop
250-500 grams:   3/4 scoop
500-1,500 grams:   1 scoop
Over 1,500 grams: 2 scoops  
(1 scoop = 1/8 tsp or 0.375 g)



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