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Choose HealthyGut™ Probiotic Supplements

 Probiotics are integral to the health of an animal’s immune and digestive systems and help keep your pets and farm animals healthy and vibrant. That’s why veterinarians recommend you feed them foods that are rich in probiotics, and ensure they get daily probiotic supplements. HealthyGut™ is the leader in probiotic supplements, providing your animals with the healthful bacteria they need, and the prebiotics that encourage these beneficial bacteria to do their job.


Your Animals Deserve the Best Ingredients

Healthy, Safe and Natural with No Added Sugar

We are the leaders in animal probiotic supplements for a reason. Look at our ingredient list and all you will see are natural, human-grade ingredients that are healthy and safe for your pets and farm animals. Now compare our ingredients to theirs. We incorporate the latest in nutritional best practices, using only the highest-quality ingredients, with no added sugar, soy or fillers, and formulate our supplements to meet the needs of each species of animal. Choose HealthyGut™ to keep your pets and farm animals healthy, vibrant and happy.


Say “No” to Pellets, Mixes and Pastes

Choose the Only Effective Way to Deliver Probiotics

Due to the rise in the popularity of probiotics, manufacturers are putting these live microorganisms into almost everything they sell. But when added in manufacturing, these delicate probiotics are subject to temperatures, pressure, moisture and ingredients that can diminish their effectiveness or even kill the bacteria before they get to your animal. HealthyGut™ is a simple and natural probiotic formulation specially designed and packaged to help them arrive alive and give your animal the happy and healthy life you want.  


Formulated to Survive and Thrive

The Stomach is a Dangerous Place for Probiotics

To be effective, probiotics must survive the hazardous journey through the stomach’s harsh environment and arrive where they can be most helpful. Some manufacturers use strains of probiotics that are less likely to survive in these extreme environments, or don’t include enough probiotic to account for diminishment of the colony during digestion. HealthyGut™ probiotics are naturally acid-resistant, and properly formulated and populated to survive and thrive in your animal’s digestive system. Probiotics Need Nourishment to Provide Nourishment Prebiotic Fiber is Necessary for Probiotic Success To stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in your pet or farm animal’s digestive system, HealthyGut™ has prebiotic fiber to provide the nourishment that probiotics need. Prebiotics are a critical ingredient that many manufacturers simply leave out. In the absence of this important food source, healthy bacteria that naturally occur in your animal’s digestive system will diminish and the probiotics you add to their diet will have a challenging time surviving.


Would You Feed Dog Food to A Horse?

One Size Does Not Fit All!

Many manufacturers sell the same probiotic formula no matter the animal, packaging different portion sizes for each species. We don’t. Why? Because, for example, horses need a higher CFU of probiotics than humans, dogs, cats and chickens to reach the full length of their digestive journey. In addition, many animals are highly sensitive to flavor and scent, so formulations must take this into account. Since every animal species has unique needs, HealthyGut™ offers a specific probiotic formula for every animal.


The Perfect Supplement, Specifically for Your Animal

Get the Full Benefits of Probiotic Supplementation with HealthyGut™

HealthyGut™ supplements are created specifically for the animal for which they are intended, providing your pet or farm animal with the right concentration of probiotics, the correct balance of prebiotics, and specific scents and tastes that your animal will want. If you want your animal to enjoy the full benefits of a probiotic supplementation, choose HealthyGut™, the perfect supplement for your pet or animal.


The Leader in Probiotic Supplements

Choose HealthyGut™– Naturally. Simply. Pure.

Ensure your pets and animals lead a healthy, active and happy life with HealthyGut™ Probiotic Supplements. Our supplements are all natural, with no added fillers, sugars or other hidden ingredients. HealthyGut™ is formulated and packaged to ensure that the probiotic microorganisms arrive alive and include prebiotics so that these healthful bacteria thrive in your animal’s digestive system. HealthyGut™ Supplements are designed for each specific animal species to ensure that they will enjoy the full benefits of probiotic supplementation.

Choose HealthyGut™ Probiotic Supplements – Naturally. Simply. Pure.