About Us

Our Mission: To help animal owners provide their pets high quality supplements so they can live their longest and best life, through consumer education, extreme quality control, and thoughtful formulas.

We are dedicated to helping you give your animals "their best life" with the absolute best quality supplements available. All of our products are made from human grade ingredients and manufactured with human grade standards. Every ingredient is quality and purity tested.We do not cut corners on quality by adding useless filler ingredients. That is why every item is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 


 DeAnna Greulich: Co-Founder

Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, DeAnna has always had a passion for animals, especially horses. She, with her husband Mark, own the premier Dutch Warmblood Breeding Facility, Norwegian Hill Farm, near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  After realizing that the high quality probiotic supplements her horses needed did not exist, DeAnna Co-Founded Equa Holistics, bringing a new level of quality supplements to not just horses, but all animal owners.




Shannon Mueller: President

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Shannon worked in the probiotics and nutraceutical industry formulating many of the top probiotic and enzyme products on the market for humans and animals before joining team Equa. She grew up in farm country Wisconsin, and has always had a deep passion for animals. 





We started this company because the high quality, human grade products we feel your animals deserve did not exist. "Animal grade" is not in our vocabulary. We believe in only quality ingredients and solutions.

Our customers make healthy animals, from the inside out.